Sales Collateral Automation

Successful companies today understand that it is critical to get sales information out to their customers and prospects in a timely manner. Traditionally, companies will assemble kits of preprinted materials combined with a personalized letter or message. To respond as quickly as today’s economy dictates, firms rely on an expensive mix of large inventories of preprinted documents and manual labor.

Tremware solutions help you to automate the creation, production, and distribution of your sales collaterals. This enables you to create truly personalized collaterals for your customers while saving time and money.

Key Features
  • Web interface allows authorized users to order from anywhere they have internet access
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) model enables rapid deployment and low implementation costs
  • Users can upload content and/or order from pre-approved content, based on your business requirements
  • Documents can be delivered as print or a number of electronic formats based on the customers’ profiles
Key Applications
  • Personalized, targeted brochures and catalogs based on the customer’s demographics and buying habits
  • Solicitation letters
  • Short-notice promotions determined by quickly changing marketplace
Key Benefits
  • Substantial cost savings. ROI typically achieved in less than 12 months
  • Increased flexibility enables you to get more precisely targeted messages delivered rapidly, in the format the customer is most likely to respond to
  • Approval workflow insures adherence to corporate identity and brand standards
  • Low start up costs and short implementation times minimize risk and allow you to address immediate needs without the large overhead of traditional client-server installations

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