Marketing and Branding

The availability of inexpensive color printers, digital cameras and personal computers have created a new challenge for marketers – How to maintain a high quality brand identity while well meaning employees and agents look for the quickest and least expensive route to create their own personalized marketing pieces.

Tremware offers the best of both worlds – A library of pre-approved documents that can be ordered on demand and an additional library of approved templates that enable the end user to customize their piece while still adhering to corporate standards.

Key Features
  • Simple web interface and wizards make it easy for users to create documents
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) model enables rapid deployment and low implementation costs
  • Users with the appropriate credentials can upload content and/or order from pre-approved content, based on your business requirements
  • Approvers are notified via e-mail or text when they have documents to approve, insuring timely delivery
Key Applications
  • Customer promotions and solicitations, especially in markets with independent agents
  • Short-notice promotions determined by quickly changing marketplace that can be delivered electronically or via print.
  • Franchise marketing pieces that allow franchisor to establish their own identity while still adhering to corporate brand standards
Key Benefits
  • Substantial cost savings. ROI typically achieved in less than 12 months.
  • No expensive hardware or software to buy.
  • Users are given access to various documents based on their login, allowing for segregation of documents, information, and levels of control
  • Approval workflow insures adherence to corporate identity and brand standards
  • Low start up costs and short implementation times minimize risk and allow you to address immediate needs without the large overhead of traditional client-server installations

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