Enrolment Guides

Enrolment and Renewal kits pose unique challenges to providers and employers alike. Since there is a short window between the time an employee makes their annual selection and their enrolment materials are due, an efficient composition and production process is critical. Coupled with the fact that most kits are due at the same time of the year, substantial savings can be achieved by those who streamline these workflows.

Tremware has a long history of cutting expensive steps out of the creation, production and distribution of these kits. Our team of experts can work with you to optimize your processes whether you produce these kits in house or with an outside provider.

Key Features
  • Simple web interface and wizards make it easy for users to create documents
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) model enables rapid deployment and low implementation costs
  • Approvers are notified via e-mail or text when they have documents to approve, insuring timely delivery
  • Kits are dynamically created for each recipient, eliminating the additional costs of pre-printed documents and the associated labor needed to assemble the kits
  • Output can be sent to the customer via print or a number of electronic formats depending on their preferences
Key Applications
  • Enrolment, new member, and sales kits
  • Cafeteria plan selection kits
  • Healthy living and other lifestyle newsletters promoting a healthier customer base
Key Benefits
  • Substantial cost savings. ROI typically achieved in less than 12 months.
  • No expensive hardware or software to buy.
  • Kits produced are tailored to the individual recipient, eliminating additional, wasteful pages
  • Approval workflow insures adherence to corporate identity and brand standards
  • Low start up costs and short implementation times minimize risk and allow you to address immediate needs without the large overhead of traditional client-server installations

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