Compliance and Governance

Government and Corporate requirements often dictate the format and content of messages sent to both customers and prospects. Getting the “green light” to send correspondence is often a time consuming process, delaying the message delivery as well as an additional, hidden cost that customers do not realize they are paying.

Tremware solutions enable your customer service and sales people to build their correspondence using pre-approved content and messaging. Using our approval workflows, documents can be routed immediately to the appropriate compliance authority, streamlining the process of document approval and rejection.

Key Features
  • Web interface allows authorized approvers to access and review documents from anywhere they have internet access
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) model enables rapid deployment and low implementation costs
  • Users can upload content and/or order from pre-approved content, based on your business requirements
Key Applications
  • Personalized, targeted brochures and catalogs based on the customer’s demographics and buying habits
  • Solicitation letters
  • Any documents requiring an approval before sending
Key Benefits
  • Substantial cost savings. ROI typically achieved in less than 12 months
  • Elimination of the excuse “it’s on my boss’ desk, but I just discovered they are out for the week”
  • Approval workflow insures adherence to corporate identity and brand standards
  • Low start up costs and short implementation times minimize risk and allow you to address immediate needs without the large overhead of traditional client-server installations

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